Palchevskogo shared the good news: the fate of Poroshenko is a foregone conclusion, “has confessed”

Пальчевский поделился хорошей новостью: судьба Порошенко предрешена, "Уже сознался"

Ukrainian journalist Andriy Palchevsky was pleased with the good news

So, on Saturday, August 17, on his page on the social network Facebook Andrew Palchevsky has published a new video in which he tells the Ukrainians the latest news.

“Saturday, I with good news. First, Grymchaka left custody. Second, it is during the investigation already confessed that he was offered a bribe of much more than one million. And the horse is clear that much more than one million dollars. And simply vote he had almost ten million, which, incidentally, should be in the attention of our new President, Vladimir Zelensky, the army of new members which now will be subjected to this test.”, the journalist reported.

Palchevskogo also reported progress in the investigation “Rotterdam +”.

“The good news, the main news this week that declared wanted by the wolf. That which our calf Peter eat. Here is Vovk, who led the rates and scheme “Rotterdam”, and will be the person who is the main accuser of Peter Poroshenko and Renat Akhmetov, who seems engaged in this scheme.

Interestingly, evil tongues say, the second went to war, and the first, everything seems to be made in order to continue to ensure that the scheme is “Rotterdam +” brought these crazy profits to 18 billion.”, – said Palchevskogo.

“When they have all drunk. And while the good news is, planted, or rather, arrested a number of doctors from the Kiev Oncology center because they extorted money from patients. you’d think we didn’t know about it. Yes, all thirty years extorted. Geez, something is going on. Health someone!” – concluded Andrey Palchevsky and smiled.

Users in the comments thanked the journalist for the information and said that we share his joy.

Recall, the chances that the ex-President Poroshenko will be planted – 60%, said Palchevskogo.

“Setting Poroshenko after doing Hrymchak beginning to feel the ring is tightened. The main Geraldton this ring will Vladimir Zelensky. There is such situation in the country, sooner or later, that will be obvious that this is exactly what Poroshenko has violated all the agreements and was ordered to take the offensive, which led to the deaths of people,” – said Palchevskogo.

Пальчевский поделился хорошей новостью: судьба Порошенко предрешена, "Уже сознался"

Пальчевский поделился хорошей новостью: судьба Порошенко предрешена, "Уже сознался"