“Palladium – you’re on fire!”: The new “lover of” Lolita was couturier Kirkorov

«Милявская - ты огонь!»: Новым «любовником» Лолиты оказался кутюрье Киркорова

Singer long lamented by the former wife, found a young billionaire?

Lolita released a new video to his Instagram, in which he shared with fans the video in a new costume before filming the video. The singer expressed gratitude to Igor – designer who was behind the scenes. The man was always complimenting the artist and Palladium Flirty laughed at the camera: “Palladium – you fire! And so beautiful where you went? You are very sexy!”.

The impression that a new “lover” Lolita was couturier Kirkorov. Gulyaev is a very famous designer in the fashion world. His work is worth serious money. Besides, Igor singer under the age of five years, because the difference in their age will not be so noticeable as with the former spouse of the athlete.

According to the artist, it is very hard experienced a breakup with her husband, she was in severe depression. Gulaev’s not married and has one son, who brings himself. Apparently, Igor helped lolita to get out of the painful state of mind, and got her heart.

In any case, Palladium looks very happy in this video because the fans was delighted with her new “friend” who helped lolita to return to normal.

«Милявская - ты огонь!»: Новым «любовником» Лолиты оказался кутюрье Киркорова

«Милявская - ты огонь!»: Новым «любовником» Лолиты оказался кутюрье Киркорова