Palm Sunday: the customs and traditions of the holiday

Вербное воскресенье: обычаи и традиции праздника

April 21 Eastern rite Christians celebrate palm Sunday. The holiday is celebrated on the Sunday that preceded the Passover, or the sixth Sunday of lent.

The history of the holiday

This day is associated with the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. According to the Gospels, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, he was welcomed by the residents of the city with palm branches in their hands. People greeted Jesus with shouts of “Hosanna!”, they appealed only to the king. The reason for this joy was the miracle of Jesus before: he raised Lazarus, and proved that he is the son of God.

The tradition of celebrating

In Ukraine palm branches were replaced by willow. With palm Sunday begins Holy week. On this day the believers go to Church and take with willow twigs, which is considered a symbol of spring and new life. According to legends, the twigs of this plant protect the house from disease, poverty, fires, floods and other troubles.

Folk customs on palm Sunday are as follows: if after the service to meet someone, which was not in the Church, it must be a joke to hit with a sprig of blessed willows and say:

“I b u – Verba b ),

For Easter week,

Nedalechko cervone Jacko!”

Young boys and girls traditionally are fighting a Holy willow near the Church and on the way home, and they cheerfully shout:

“Be great, Yak Verba

And health, as water,

And bagati, Yak land!”

What not to do on palm Sunday:

You can’t clean, cook, sew and perform other physical work;

Cannot be given the opportunities to visit places of entertainment;

This holiday is the prohibition to drink alcohol;

As in the other days of lent, do not eat foods of animal origin (fish);

It is impossible to quarrel, and to refuse requests.