Pancreatic cancer: how to recognize the symptoms

Рак поджелудочной железы: как распознать симптомы

Cancer is a terrible disease, effectively to struggle with which in our time has become possible thanks to the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Time to contact the experts and establish the presence of cancer need to monitor their health, and the appearance of cause for concern not to delay the treatment, informs

Pancreatic cancer is a fairly common type of cancer. His picture is generally faded, so it is considered one of the most aggressive, but very difficult to diagnose, as reported in “Russian newspaper”. A distinctive feature of pancreatic cancer is hard to detect at the initial stage. In the U.S., this disease is currently sick 50 thousand people a year.

The list of ominous symptoms of this disease, serving as the basis for going to the oncologist listed on the site

1. Pain in the stomach and in the back.

2. Enhancing feelings of discomfort at the time of the meal.

3. Changing of the chair – diarrhea with the presence of fat in feces.

4. Periodic frequent nausea.

5. Yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes.

Body temperature is normal in the initial stages of this cancer, it is increased only at the last stage of the disease. Most often pancreatic cancer is diagnosed in men. The age of onset older than 50 years. Mostly the disease is diagnosed in the elderly who have already celebrated the seventieth anniversary.

On the occurrence of cancer of the pancreas can be affected by the following reasons:

* chronic pancreatitis;

* Smoking. According to studies, the craving for nicotine doubled the risk of cancer of the pancreas;

* alcoholism, which increases the risk by 20%;

* unbalanced nutrition, addiction to fat;

* genetic predisposition. If the family already there were cases of cancer of the pancreas, it gives approximately a 10 percent probability of getting sick.

In our country, pancreatic cancer is the most common type of cancer. Skin cancer is the most common of all types of cancer in Russia. And in the Kaliningrad region most frequently, excluding malignant skin tumors, detected breast cancer. Delayed access to specialists leads to the fact that cancer is diagnosed in the later stages. As a result, about 20% of cases of Kaliningraders do not live a year from the time the terrible diagnosis. What cancer is most often facing today’s youth.