Parable of the day about how to raise a successful child

Притча дня о том, как воспитать успешного ребенка

Edition of the RIA-Melitopol continues heading “What’s the future got you in a parable.” Today another wise tip that may be useful in life.

The two friends who lived against each other, had sons. After some time one of the boys was manifested speech problems related to stuttering. The boy’s parents were upset, but grandparents reassured them, saying:

– Most importantly, the boy is healthy in body and his stuttering to be treated.

The boys grew up as friends and it happens in childhood, sometimes naughty, for which their parents were punished. The father of a healthy child, in a fit of anger at times blamed the stammerer and told his son:

– Every family has its black sheep! The stutterer is bad for you. Less be friends with him.

The guy told his friend about what he says about his father. And of course this greatly upset the boy. He saw and felt that others treat him negatively at times, ridicule. And one day, choking with resentment and indignation, he, with tears in his eyes, asked her:

– Mom, why am I so flawed? Everyone says I’m stupid, my tongue tied. And that our family has its black sheep. And this freak, I am!

And mother furtively wiping his tears, calmed him down and said,

– No, son. You’re very, very smart! Your thoughts are so fast that the language simply does not have time for them. So, don’t pay attention to ridicule. All who are teasing you, just envy you, knowing that when you grow up, you will be the best of them, the richest and most famous.

And my mother decided from that day when the son or was he made progress, encourage him and say the phrase: “the family is not without talent.” Both father and grandparents have supported this initiative. The guy believed the words of their loved ones and it helped him to face the ridicule and hostility of others. Years passed, and he really was the best among all in the district and the rich, as said his mother. And on his Desk in the office, stood a picture of the entire family with the caption “My talented family”.