Parable of the day about the girl’s honesty

Притча дня о девичьей порядочности

Edition of the RIA-Melitopol continues heading “What’s the future got you in a parable.” Today another wise tip that may be useful in life.

Zen teacher Hakuin had a reputation among the neighbors of a person living a blameless life.

Near him lived a beautiful girl whose parents owned a grocery shop. Suddenly, the parents realized that she should have a baby. They were furious. The girl refused to name the father of the child, but after much insistence called Hakuin. In Great anger the parents came to the teacher.

– “So?”, – that was all he said.

After the baby was born, they took him to Hakuin. By the time he lost all respect others that didn’t bother him. He surrounded the child with care and warmth, took the neighbors ‘ milk and all he needed.

A year later, the mother still could not resist and told my parents the truth, that the father of the child was a young man who worked at the fish market.

The father and mother of the girl at once went to Hakuin, asked for forgiveness, apologized to him and asked to return the child.

Hakuin freely forgave them. Enrolling a child, he said, “is that right?”