Parable of the day of earthly differences of Paradise from Hell

Притча дня о земных отличиях Рая от Ада

Edition of the RIA-Melitopol continues heading “What’s the future got you in a parable.” Today another wise tip that may be useful in life.

Believer came to the prophet Elijah with the request to show Heaven and Hell.

They came into a large room where around a large cauldron of boiling soup was crowded with many people. Each was carrying a huge metal spoon with life-size, piping hot, and only the end of the handle was made of wood. Lean, greedy, hungry people eagerly popped the spoon into the pot, barely taking out the soup and trying to reach it with his mouth to the Cup. They’ve been burned, cursing, fighting.

The prophet said, “This is Hell” – and led to another room.

It was quiet, the same pot, the same spoon. But almost all were well fed. Because pair up and are alternately fed to each other. The prophet said, “This is Paradise”.