Parable of the day, which is to read all of them every Monday

Притча дня, которую стоит читать всем каждый понедельник

Edition of the RIA-Melitopol continues heading “What’s the future got you in a parable.” Today another wise tip that may be useful in life.

The blacksmith repaired two plow. One of them the next day and took the farmer and took him to the field, the second was standing in the corner of the barn. Life of the second plow was light and carefree!

Time passed and one day the two met again plow in the barn. The plow, which is not used in the work, rusty, and the one that plowed field, it was shiny and beautiful.

– Why did you become so beautiful? and envy asked girlfriend Soha from her corner. I was beautiful from labor, you mutilated idleness.