Parents of slain police refused to prosecute

Родителям убитого полицейскими отказали в возбуждении дела

Russia’s investigative Committee has not found crime structure in actions of employees of Regardie who killed the inhabitant of Ekaterinburg Vladimir Taushkanova. The Department denied the parents of the deceased in a criminal case.

In the UK stressed that will check the arguments stated family Taushkanova, in the course of investigation of criminal case about robbery and violence against the police in which the victim is suspect.

May 31, at the storming of the apartment 27-the summer inhabitant of Ekaterinburg Vladimir Taushkanova employees of Regardie used firearms, resulting in the man died. The reason for the assault was the incident in the store, “Leo”, which is located five hundred meters from the place of residence Taushkanova. According to police, the victim tried to Rob shop, having taken from him the four rolls of Wallpaper, bringing him gave chase. Fire staff Regardie opened due to the fact that Taushkanov allegedly sent them “a subject similar to the machine”.

Relatives of the slain Resguardo accused of lying. According to the father of the deceased, who witnessed the incident, the son was locked in the apartment, because I thought that being chased “some bandits”. No subject similar to the gun in his hands was not resguardar immediately opened fire. Also, according to Taushkanova Sr., his son paid for the purchase in the store.