Paris fashion – this time in the automotive industry

Парижская мода - на этот раз в автопроме


Paris motor show, one of the most important events of the industry, is preparing to open its doors to visitors.
Premieres production cars, concept cars, new models brands of class “luxury”.
But attention – the sector that produces for those who are called “middle class”.

A favorite of fashionistas, “MINI” , completely rethought the command “BMW” a few years ago, is “MINI hatchback”.
For “MINI”, this model is a revolution in its 55-year history.

Says the editor of the magazine “WHATCAR?” Jim Holder:
“Five-door “MINI” is not only a revolution, it is the requirement of day, and the requirement of the environment, and following current trends.
A car today should be comfortable, compact, possess numerous options and be comfortable for the driver and passengers. MINI – completely meets these requirements.”

But the Prime Minister “DS” from “Citroen”.

The car is a myth.
At the time drove de Gaulle and Gagarin.
Today, citroën revived its DS.
And “goddess” acquired a futuristic line.
But not only that. The instance of “Haute couture” of the automotive industry.
There are even crystals from Swarovski.

“Today, Citroen is trying to establish itself in the market upper price range, offering cars of a class “premium”. And there is a luxury in the eyes of French, that is carried to its highest degree of perfection and sophistication. I think it is a reasonable way for manufacturers,” says Jim holder.

And with “Jaguar” – the movement in the opposite direction: while retaining all the inherent sports car traits, the current model will be sold at an extremely competitive price – 35 000 Euro.
Given the economical engine and comfortable environment for insurance, it is possible that it will be bought for the needs of the employees of a large Corporation.

“In this case, although the opponents are not named, but they are assumed, judging by the price range: this is a 3 series BMW and Mercedes C-Class,” says Jim holder.

“Peugeot”, things which are far from brilliant, shows a concept car.
Hybrid engine, sporty appearance, finishing in the style of hi-tech, modern design and expert engineering solutions so one can summarize the experience of the model “Assalt”.

Review of Steve Fowler, editor of the magazine “AUTOEXPRESS”:
Peugeot does the incredibly difficult task – to convince consumers that French products are better than German ( I’m talking about “Volkswagen”).
They start their rematch together with the car price range”.

A new model for “land Rover”.
Discovery in sports equipment.
It is to be issued with both petrol and diesel engine.
As the engineers of the concern, the new model “land Rover” combines all the advantages of a sports car.

And again – Jim holder:
“Design is beyond praise, it is different from other vehicles of this type, “land Rover” offered a challenge for other proizvoditeley, is a new type of SUV. More refined, with improved finish and attention to detail.”

And new “Toyota”.
The FT-1 sports car, which is only available in a few instances.

But the previous model from the company was designed primarily for the domestic market, it was created with the expectation of an aging Japanese population, has a slightly lower landing and other facilities that should be appreciated by passengers and drivers.
The application is a taxi.

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