Parisian chic for a week haute couture

Парижский шик на неделе haute couture

Elena Karaeva

Capital high sewing welcomes guests and participants of the fashion week haute couture.

One of the Central events – fashion show “Chanel” presented by Karl Lagerfeld. He managed from pastel shades, classic silhouettes and peculiar to the house of conservatism to create the clothes I want and can wear generation “millenials” if he had the chance.

The show ended with the passage of the bride, her role was played by Lily-rose Depp, the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and johnny Depp, the face of the advertising campaign of one of the famous fragrances of the brand in its more modern version.

On the post of artistic Director of the house of Dior today, women, Italian, Maria Grazia chiuri, worked for many years at Valentino, and then in the house “Valentino”, when its owner retired.

Lady Chiuri have used and their experience, and archives of the house, to show what result can happen if the Italian sense of style and proportions to combine with the French skill of sewing, and with the ideas and themes that remain today are absolutely in tune with the times.

No less than the legendary house – “Elsa, We”, the eternal rival of Gabrielle Chanel. Today there is a designer Bertrand Huon. Which was inspired by the surreal images of the paintings of Salvador Dali.

And Giambattista Valli showed a collection that present considered one of the models of good taste and sense of proportion, combined with the extravagance and originality of ideas. The bright colors contrasted with the restrained decor of the National archives of France, in one of the halls which held the catwalk.

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