Part of the great innovations of Android 11 may not appear on most devices

Часть важных нововведений Android 11 может не появиться на большинстве устройств

Часть важных нововведений Android 11 может не появиться на большинстве устройств

In early June, Google released the first public beta Android 11, which can test not only the owners of “pixels”, but the users of smartphones OnePlus, Xiaomi and OPPO. As it became known, some of the key new features will be exclusive for the devices range Pixel.

Developers from the XDA portal have studied the documentation for Android 11, in which Google decides which new features should be implemented on all devices in a mandatory manner, at the discretion of manufacturers or not expected to be available at all.

In General, the document describes about 60 chips, among which special attention deserve three they will be optional for all Android devices.

  • Food menu

The first function, which is optional for third-party manufacturers, was the updated menu. Google has radically reworked this section of the system by this menu, access to payment cards, Google Pay, and manage smart devices in the Home ecosystem Google.

  • Updated notifications

Optional second innovation was the grouping of notifications from instant messengers in a separate block in the message center. With this implementation, new incoming messages are always at the top of the list, so that they do not need to search among other notifications.

  • IdentityCredential

Also in the list of optional changes got a tool called IdentityCredential. It allows applications to store on the device, the documents proving the identity of the user. This can be a driving licence, passport or something else. A similar feature is already implemented in some countries (particularly in Ukraine, these functions are performed by the application Diya), but the new tool Google allows you to further protect personal information by storing them in the allocated protected memory space on the device.

Select vendors

With specific regard to the three chips, then decide directly to producers. They can add these changes to their firmware and need to know. It is worth noting that shell some devices already contain the specified or similar functionality that only appears in the updated Android 11.

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