Part of the rocket, the Falcon Heavy lost in the ocean

Часть ракеты Falcon Heavy потеряли в океане

The company SpaceX has lost the first stage of the rocket Falcon Heavy, which launched on 11 April from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral. We will note, later, the rocket successfully landed on a floating platform in the Atlantic ocean.

What happened? According to The Verge, the stage is lost during the return transport from the platform to the coast.

The probable reasons. As reported in the company’s statement, the reason was the storm which hit the ship carrying the first stage. Because of the strong loosening of the upper stage leaned over and fell into the water. SpaceX stated that he had attempted to rescue the stage, but in the end decided that the safety of the team above all else.

In the company of Mask Elon has promised that the loss of the first stage will not affect future missions, the Falcon Heavy.

The launch of the Falcon Heavy 11 APR 2019 – watch videos

What is known about the launches of the Falcon Heavy? We will remind, starting April 11 became the first successful commercial launch of the Falcon Heavy, is designed to launch heavy loads (up to 63 tonnes).

And the first flight of the heavy carrier rocket took place in February 2018. Then was sent into space personal electric car Elon musk Tesla Roadster.

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