Part of Ukraine attacked the hurricane-tornado: forest “demolished”

Часть Украины атаковал разрушительный ураган-смерч: лес «снесло»

A hurricane on the Zhytomyr region and made a mess

Destructive elements of the past Novohrad-Volynsky and Emilchinsky areas, there is now liquidation of consequences of hurricane.

It is reported that a few minutes a strong wind just blew more than 100 hectares of forest. About it writes on the social network Facebook the Deputy head of the “society of foresters of Zhytomyr region” Faith is Long. “The tornado damaged more than 100 hectares of forest in Horodnytsya! Locals say that the vortex, similar to a deadly tornado that moved from the Emilchinsky district. There he has damaged the backyards of the people, and when he reached the forest, mutilated and him…,” said Long.

It is possible that the affected areas will be declared at the local level, emergency.

In Gorodnitsky and Novograd Volyn forestry tornado destroyed uneven-aged deciduous and coniferous plantations, and also badly damaged the greenhouses.

As previously reported, the cyclone in Africa took the lives of over 400 people.

African cyclone “IDA” caused massive flooding, which led to the destruction of homes and disruption of power grids in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Only one Mozambique the death toll has reached 417. About 15 thousand local residents need to evacuate, according to the Minister of land, environment and rural development of Mozambique, Celso Correia.

We will remind, a powerful cyclone, which hit the North African country, took the lives of several hundred people. Tropical cyclone “IDI” is raging, in particular in Mozambique.

In this country have killed more than 200 people. Moreover, as noted by the authorities, this is not the final data because the number of victims of the hurricane may increase. Now in great danger, there are about 350 thousand people have expressed concern about the situation the head of state Filipe Nyusi.

“IDI” and walked on the neighboring country of Zimbabwe. There, according to official figures, killed 100 people. However, the local press claims that the victims of the fierce elements of not less than three hundred. Suffered and Malawi. It killed 122 people.

The representatives of red cross and red Crescent societies has described the situation as “massive and terrifying”.

In Mozambique more than a thousand people were injured from falling trees and debris of destroyed buildings. Frightened residents say they do not remember such a disaster.

Часть Украины атаковал разрушительный ураган-смерч: лес «снесло»

Часть Украины атаковал разрушительный ураган-смерч: лес «снесло»

Часть Украины атаковал разрушительный ураган-смерч: лес «снесло»