Participation in the national selection and tips from Kuzma: Ivan NAVI were stunned by the candid confessions

Участие в Нацотборе и советы от Кузьмы: Ivan NAVI ошеломил откровенными признаниями

On Saturday, February 16, in Ukraine will determine the names of all finalists of the National selection for the Eurovision song contest in 2019. LifeStyle 24 reporters managed to talk with one of the contenders to win is a charismatic singer Ivan NAVI, whose songs make all music lovers to dance.

Whether the artist has a romantic relationship with Maria Yaremchuk what the Ukrainians expect from speech Ivan NAVI on the national selection of the Eurovision song contest and what’s his connection with Kuzma Skryabin – read an exclusive interview with LifeStyle 24.

Ivan, You are one of the most famous Ukrainian artists. What motivated You to take part in the national selection for the Eurovision song contest in 2019?

I think that for this contest as Eurovision, a very important song. So as soon as I realized that there is a track, which I believe is close in spirit to this contest, send an application.

The song All For The Love I haven’t recorded specifically for the Eurovision. The music she created back in the autumn, and Nana Kovalev who is now studying in Sweden, the songwriter, wrote the words. Music and arrangements to the song made Andrey Lemeshko.

I at that time had written 5 songs and I decided not to give a single, but to present the English-language EP. Release mini-album will take place in February, and the song All For The Love will be his lead single.

Участие в Нацотборе и советы от Кузьмы: Ivan NAVI ошеломил откровенными признаниями

Statement Ivan NAVI in Lviv/press service

The Eurovision song contest in 2019 you changed the image – tracksuit traded on elegant. In what way you will go on stage show?

My style remains the same, just we are constantly looking for new interesting directions. This combination of classic and sporty style. And without the cap already is not present. Take it off not so often.

If You win in the first stage of the competition how to represent your number on the international show?

It is important for me to convey the mood of the song so the room blends seamlessly with the music and message I want to convey to the audience. I do not advocate to put on a show for show. It will definitely be the room with the backup vocalists, because one of the key the song is the party of the gospel.

Do You feel the competition? Who is considered the biggest rival on the national selection of Eurovision-2019?

I see all participants as colleagues in the scene. We all work in different musical styles and genres. Glad that in Ukraine there are so many cool quality music and I am sure that the audience and the jury of Eurovision will feel the vibe of each.

In fact, it will be important that speech live and in the final picture will be whole.

Worried whether You assess the celebrity judges? After all, remembering last year’s scandal between Andrei Danilko and Tayanna, nation selection can be quite tough.

Really looking forward to the review of the music jury! I absolutely adequately treat criticism, if it is professional.

I especially want to hear the assessment of Andrei Danilko, he is often very serious, but clearly on the shelves lays out his impressions and arguments. If Jamal estimates more vocals, and Eugene Filatov – the musical component of the song, the comments of Andrei Danilko more voluminous. He says at the same time and about the overall experience, and draws attention to many details.

In fact, I’m ready for anything, because Eurovision is just one of the stages for the growth of the artist, not more. But it really responsibly, so if you choose to represent the country.

Участие в Нацотборе и советы от Кузьмы: Ivan NAVI ошеломил откровенными признаниями

Ukrainian singer Ivan NAVI / press service

Now Ukrainian stars and their teams suffer from a kind of a raider attack. In particular, Jiji and Olga Cybulski. Are You worried for their own safety and their colleagues? And how to counteract this?

I grew up in a gang area of the city and know what the sense of danger, therefore at school I started Boxing. Actually I would not like to use Boxing techniques now.

I’m sorry that such cases began to occur, but in show business, too, is a part of business. And very worried about this point, that not everyone is willing to guide him in the rules of etiquette and diplomatic negotiations. Perhaps it is also the plume from the nineties.

The name of the song You will present in the first stage of the show, in translation – “all for love”. To whom these words?

Actually this song is not for a specific person. All For The Love – love to everything that surrounds you.

Among routine is very important find something that inspires you, inspires you, learn to notice the beautiful even in gray everyday life – to smile at the cashier in the supermarket, to thank the driver who gave you a pass on the road, to say that you truly feel to others. It’s all the little manifestations of the great love that is within each person.

Be open to love not in words, not only to take but to give, to share is very important.

It is no secret that You have a lot of fans. What unexpected or message have You received?

I really appreciate the attention of fans and, of course, makes me happy when I or my music to inspire their creativity. I gave the figures, and portraits, and even loaves. Was that in front of the house with chalk drawing heart.

And the offer and the message are very different, even of an intimate nature, but I respond with restraint. I have my principles about this, therefore I am sympathetic, but not answer them.

Now, if people want pictures or to chat a bit, I never refuse. I am pleased that a few minutes spent with me can make someone happy.

Often ask me to give them a hat, but March finally we open our merch IN, and everyone on the site will be able to buy it.

Участие в Нацотборе и советы от Кузьмы: Ivan NAVI ошеломил откровенными признаниями

Ivan NAVI / press service

In the network there were rumors that You and Maria Yaremchuk was a romantic relationship. Is it true?

We are good friends, recently often see. She is a wonderful, deep person, which is always nice to talk to. Really appreciate her support. But we only had a creative Chemistry in the same video. Glad we then managed her to write such an interesting track and film the video.

Who have inspired You on the music career? And did Kuzma Skryabin at the time to get You fame?

Kuzma Skryabin coined me the nickname NAVI (Ivan, but the other way around) and was inspired to look for themselves in dance music. Unfortunately, our acquaintance was not long, only six months. He was not directly involved in the first musical steps Ivan NAVI, but I will always be grateful to him for this period.

Kuzma was one of the first who believed in me as an artist.

Участие в Нацотборе и советы от Кузьмы: Ivan NAVI ошеломил откровенными признаниями

The national selection for the Eurovision song contest-2019: Ivan NAVI / press service

What are your creative plans after Eurovision-2019? Do You plan to experiment with music genres and to develop cooperation with other artists?

I believe that only at the junction of genres you can find something new in music. In February we are presenting a mini-album All For The Love, then we plan to give officially as a single the song “Oscillations” from the album “Tak Molod”, and will soon duet song.

In March will also be released film “Swingers-2”, where soundtracks have become two of my songs. There are lots of plans, as new music will do. God willing, meet in tel Aviv.

Did You consider the possibility of an international tour after the release of the English album?

Yes, now working on it. I want to start with Poland and the Czech Republic, there are already many people have heard my tracks. But in fact, it will be clear after the release of the album.

I set myself ambitious goals. I think that Ukrainian music in the world to be popular. I was particularly inspired to stand at the forefront of something new, like happened in Ukraine, with Ukrainian dance music.

The national selection for the Eurovision song contest-2019: listen to the song Ivan NAVI – All For The Love