Parts without the “crown”

Детали без «короны»

This week was a lot of news that does not relate to SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19.

For example, in the Nikopol district, the bridge collapsed. This happened in the village Alekseevka. The driver was driving at the crossing over the river chortomlyk, when suddenly the Central section fell. Cabin hung on the bridge, and the trailer fell into the water. It turned out the driver was carrying a metal pipe to Odessa. At the time of the accident managed to escape. Chrezvychainyi trying to extract the truck from the river.

“The difficulty lies in the fact that the van is very heavy. Tried to get cranes, but one was not able to enter this Bay. And because the bridge is in poor condition, the valves need to be installed on some kind of support, which will help the load to lift,” – said the press Secretary of GU gschs of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region Daria grechishev.

Further in the river began to repair peasant descent. The work will spend about 20 million hryvnia. Now the passage there is blocked to operate heavy machinery. To complete the reconstruction of the road promised for seven months.

In the Sevastopol Park and started digging up the alleged grave of Alexander Field. It was lost many years ago. Now there are employees of protective archaeological service of Ukraine. Think burial might be here because you found the remains of Lazarevskaya Church.

The plot is 250 square meters divided into parts. The protected area of the Natspolitsiya and municipal VARTA. The excavation will last two months.

“For all urban plans, according to local historians, according to the architects, there was no other structures here, in this place. In addition to the Church of St. Lazare that could have such a Foundation”, – said the head of the expedition Dmitry Teslenko.

Also in the river were planted about two thousand trees. Seedlings of Linden and hornbeam are imported from Germany. From 8 to 10 years. Was greened residential areas all parts of the city and Central avenues. The utility will take care of the trees three times per month.

“Residents apply to the parks Department or the hotline. After this data is processed treatment and leave, look at the object: how it is possible to plant trees, what breed,” shared head of production and technical Department KP “Zelenstroy” Sergey Ovcharenko.

Another team of bloggers have recorded a clip on the roof of the trolleybus. Horny followed by the Glinka street to the residential area “Solnechnaya”. The route took seven minutes. The same video you saw was filmed last year. However, this time it did it four cameras mounted on all sides of the trolley. Organizers say the shooting was safe. Connected only when the horned de-energized. All to show the city from an unusual angle.

“I saw a similar clip from another city. Decided to make something similar for us, but, unfortunately, I at that time did not have the equipment. The only thing I had was part-time acquaintance with the driver of a trolley bus. And I connected in the command of a man who gave his equipment,” – said the blogger Artem Kostiuk.

This was a week in quarantine with the “Parts” without a coronavirus.