“Party Ghost” went to mass for the by-election in Parliament after the threats of the Ministry of justice

"Партии-призраки" массово пошли на довыборы в Раду после угроз Минюста

One of them has put forward pseudo-science Valery Bebik.

More than ten candidates in deputies of the Verkhovna Rada by-elections on the district No. 179 in the Kharkiv region to represent the party, which the Ministry of justice called ghosts and threatened to liquidate through the courts.

This is evidenced by the CEC data.

The deputies put forward the “Ukraine Cathedral” (from her running pseudo Valery bebik), “Right”, “For Ukraine!” Children of war “the people’s party of Ukraine”, the Party of strong government, Social-democratic party of Ukraine, “Justice and development” Bloc of opposition forces, “Ukraine above all!”, “National program Vadim Black”, Ukrainian Cossack party.

All of them, according to the justice Ministry for a minimum of ten years did not participate in the elections of the President of Ukraine or deputies of Ukraine.

Also the election in the Kharkiv region will take part the representatives of such little-known small parties, as the “Patriots of Volyn”, “Good Samaritan”, “Country”, “Democratic alternative”, “Protection”, “Ukraine – forward!”, “People’s power”, “New life”, “Life”, “Ukrainians together”, “Self-force”, “Women for future”, “New frontier”.

Of the parliamentary parties in the elections represented “a servant of the people” (Victoria Alekseichuk), opsi (Alexander Didenko) and the “European solidarity” (Victoria Ptashnik). Running is also a representative of “Freedom” (Igor Shvaika).

"Партии-призраки" массово пошли на довыборы в Раду после угроз Минюста

"Партии-призраки" массово пошли на довыборы в Раду после угроз Минюста