Parubiy grinned in Zelensky and ran into scathing response: “I want to stop…”

Парубий оскалился на Зеленского и нарвался на хлесткий ответ: "Я требую прекратить..."

Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy criticized the “Pro-Russian” decision of Vladimir Zelenskiy, which he himself supported when Petro Poroshenko

The people’s Deputy Semyon Semenchenko condemned the variability of parliamentarians. He told on his page on Facebook, how did Andriy Parubiy and his company just a few years ago.

It is worth reminding that on June 26 in the Village of Lugansk took place the first stage of the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops in Donbass. APU units left their positions and withdrew to a distance, referred to the Peace plan and the Framework decision of the Trilateral contact group on 20 September 2016. The press service of the FOS reported that the invaders also took the troops and went over the pedestrian bridge.

The military said that during the process of withdrawal of the Ukrainian soldiers near the village of Lugansk are in full combat readiness. They are ready to resume their former positions if the separatists refuse to continue to comply with the agreement. It is known that the shelling did not stop. However, the monitoring mission captures the deviation on both sides of the conflict.

Semen Semenchenko noticed that the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy scarified Vladimir Zelensky for the troops. Moreover, the speaker rebuked the President in the work on Russia led by Vladimir Putin.

“Looking statement Parubiy and ohavay. He turns to Zelensky. “And You liberated these cities, to give order to the Ukrainian army?” “There is a feeling that there is some overall plan. And this General plan it can be implementation of the Ukrainian scenario, it can be implementing the script that is at war against Ukraine, Putin”. This fiery speech Parubiy now accelerates the Internet”, – said the MP.

The author of the article recalled that during the reign of Peter Poroshenko spoke out against such measures. However, Andriy Parubiy and his colleagues in “European solidarity” has not objected to the presidential plan. For this reason semen Semenchenko appealed to the Parliament with an angry rebuke:

“Mr. Parubiy! The plan really is. It’s called the Minsk agreement. It has a framework agreement from 2016. And those and others signed by representatives of Poroshenko in the list that you’re running now in early elections. All this time Mr. Parubiy orders Poroshenko arranged. When in 2016 autodily troops from Gold and Petrovsky, when preparing to withdraw from the village of Lugansk, Mr. speaker was silent. He did not ask Poroshenko liberated these cities, to give such orders? I asked. And the media has watered me for this shit.”

Semen Semenchenko called deputies, headed by Andriy Parubiy hypocrites who do not remember their own position. So the supporters of Petro Poroshenko is now screaming about the change to the proposals of Vladimir Zelensky, who from his predecessors was met with applause. He added that it is because of these double standards does not want again to go to the Parliament.

“I demand to stop vicodene troops from the Village. Look at the face of Mr. speaker and Irina Gerashchenko. Let’s see how they actively “protesting” with me,” wrote Semyon Semenchenko under the bright archival photos.

Парубий оскалился на Зеленского и нарвался на хлесткий ответ: "Я требую прекратить..."

Парубий оскалился на Зеленского и нарвался на хлесткий ответ: "Я требую прекратить..."