Passenger bus broke into pieces: “a mine exploded, a lot of victims”, video

Пассажирский автобус разлетелся на куски: "взорвалась мина, много пострадавших", видео

In the Syrian city of Manbij a minibus carrying local teachers, ran over a mine, causing the driver died on the spot and five passengers received injuries of varying severity

It is known that the internal security forces Manuja immediately arrived at the scene of the explosion and with the help of local residents wounded were taken to a local hospital.

In turn, the doctors at the hospital said that the condition of the victims at the moment is stable.

Previously there was video as the rocket hit the ground target on the Syrian coast. We will note, according to officials of the Pentagon that one such missile accidentally shot down a Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20 military on Board last year.

It is reported that the Syrian air defense system was trying to repel a missile attack Israel and one from the Syrian missiles hit a Russian military aircraft.

The United States learned about the incident, as Syrian forces transmitted to the international radio frequency signal emergency search and rescue. Later, the United States received a direct message from another country about the type of aircraft and the circumstances of the incident. Pentagon officials don’t call this country, but probably Russia is the only country that knew exactly what type of plane was shot down.

A Pentagon spokesman said that the rockets were launched not by the us military, but declined to say who was behind the attacks. The representative of the Israeli defense forces refused to comment on the missile strikes.

It should be noted that Syrian troops armed with Russian air defense systems.

Russian media confirms that the Mediterranean sea did the plane Il-20 with 14 military on Board. In particular, it was reported that the plane disappeared “during the Israeli air strikes on Syria and launches missiles from the French ship.”

“On 17 September at about 23:00 when you return to the base Hamim above the waters of the Mediterranean sea, 35 kilometers off the coast of Syria has lost communication with the crew of Russian Il-20 aircraft”, – reported in the defense Ministry.

Пассажирский автобус разлетелся на куски: "взорвалась мина, много пострадавших", видео

Пассажирский автобус разлетелся на куски: "взорвалась мина, много пострадавших", видео