Passenger traffic at the airport in Simferopol in may decreased by 330 thousand people

Пассажиропоток в аэропорту Симферополь в мае сократился на 330 тыс. человек

Simferopol international airport in may, served by 330 thousand people is 90.2% less than the same period last year. In the last month of spring, the airport received and sent a total of 35.9 million passengers. This was reported in the press service of the main air Harbor of the Crimea. Photo: Gala Amaranda

Airlines at the airport in Simferopol in may canceled more than 1,000 flights. On average obsesivos less than 10 planes a day and the download of passenger seats amounted to about 30-40%.

The record for passenger traffic at the airport in Simferopol in the past month was recorded on 7 may. On this day the knocks were taken and sent to a total of 466 passengers, which is 23 times less than the previous year.

Passenger traffic at the airport in Simferopol began to decline sharply in March amid epidemic COVID-19. In General, since the inception of preventive measures, passenger traffic decreased by 627,7 thousand.

On the territory of the Simferopol international airport continuously implemented preventive measures against the introduction and spread COVID-19. The staff of the CPS produce thermometry mobile imager all arriving in Simferopol airport, passengers on Board the aircraft, conduct a survey. Re-streaming thermometry arrived organized in the international arrivals terminal, where there is a fixed remote thermal imaging camera. Also thermometry is performed in a contactless manner to all visitors at the entrance to the passenger terminal of the airport.

According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Crimea, arrived, registered at the place of residence (stay) in the Republic of Crimea or having property here, shall be obliged to comply with self-isolation at the place of residence (stay) within 14 calendar days. Citizens, who arrived to Crimea and do not have registration by place of residence (stay) in the Republic or not having here property, sent into isolation in the Observatory for a period of 14 calendar days for continuous medical observation and examination.

In the Republic of Crimea put a mask mode. Personal protective equipment respiratory (medical and non-medical masks, respirators) should be used while in transport, by taxi in the terminal building and the open areas of the airport. In the passenger terminal building also needed to comply with social distance – not less than 1.5 metres from other visitors.

Sanitary cleaning of the premises at the airport is in emergency mode with a disinfectant. Special attention is paid to public spaces, special purpose vehicles and items such as door handles, escalator rails, front Desk and other frequently used surfaces. Unscheduled maintenance of systems of ventilation and air conditioning of the passenger terminal.