Passengers complain of Intrusive service in the train “Odessa-Melitopol” (photo)

Пассажиры жалуются на навязчивый сервис в электричке "Запорожье-Мелитополь" (фото)

The years go by, and the quality of services of Ukrainian Railways is not changing. All the same the stench and dirt in cold cars, worn wooden benches and stripped walls. Meanwhile, the number of peddlers who earn in trains, is growing exponentially. Your journey in the train “Odessa-Melitopol” in the colors described Melitopol blogger Dmitry changers.

– Buying a ticket on the train “Odessa-Melitopol” I, by default, agreed to a 3-hour shopping and entertainment program with participation of the most colorful and enterprising representatives of the villages of Zaporizhzhya region.

And although over the Zaporozhye station was surprisingly warm weather and smell spring in the car already drove the train smelled not in the spring. Free places at the window were gone, I sat on the edge of a wooden bench beside a sleeping man and a woman who was hiding behind the cheeks flavored smoked sausage with bread, cowering so that as few people as possible saw what she eats. The van drove off and we went.

First our car went the blind man with the accordion in his hands. And move forward sincerely on the Bayan, and the people he shoved into the pocket of small bills. Then came a man of about 25 cards on March 8. Show all of the text that he is deaf from birth, and asked me to buy him something. Then came Granny with black dirty fingernails and very tasty, according to her pies, her the man with the chocolates. After a woman with Newspapers. Then with mineral water. Then coffee and tea. Next, a very warm and durable wool felt insoles. Then 100 % promostudio seeds of beets and carrots…

Next packages and the eternal plaid bags that tried to push the cover on the passport… All they looked at sedentary pathetic in the eyes of a cat from “Shrek.” I also didn’t know where I should turn around so they didn’t think that I want them to buy something. And then came the conductor. At first I automatically thought that she, too, is selling something. And this was repeated five times every half hour until I left at the station… – describes his journey of Dmitry.

Apparently, the car business is a profitable business. I think, not only peddlers but also for railroad employees that allow crowds of traders to work in cars.

Пассажиры жалуются на навязчивый сервис в электричке "Запорожье-Мелитополь" (фото)

Пассажиры жалуются на навязчивый сервис в электричке "Запорожье-Мелитополь" (фото)