Passion of sweet and starch vegetarian food harm the kidneys

Увлеченность сладкой и крахмальной вегетарианской пищей вредит почкам

Not all vegetarian foods are created equal. The study showed that enthusiasm sweet and starch foods increases the risk of kidney disease.

That people who eat a lot of vegetarian food rich in starch and natural sugars that can harm their kidneys, causing increased risk of diseases of the body, said scientists from the School of public health, Bloomberg (USA). Their arguments are published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Researchers analyzed data on eating habits and the health of the kidneys that were collected during observations in 14 686 patients of middle age. Half of them had been under observation by researchers for at least 24 years. For this period 4343 participants were recorded chronic kidney disease.

As a result, the authors of the project was established a strong correlation between enthusiasm for vegetarianism in humans and kidney condition. In particular, it was found that healthy vegetable diet with frequent intake of fruit and vegetables on a 14% reduced risk of developing kidney disease. But at the same time a large number of the diet unhealthy vegetarian food, starchy and sweet, 11% increased likelihood of developing kidney disease.

Scientists have noted that a healthy vegetarian diet involves the consumption of whole grain products rich in fiber fruits and vegetables, greens, nuts, beans and unrefined vegetable oils, and unhealthy is an abundance of potatoes, sweet juices, dried fruits, pastries and products made of wheat.