Paul Allen: biography and success story of Microsoft founder

Пол Аллен: біографія і історія успіху засновника Microsoft

On Tuesday, October 16, the world was disturbed by the news that one of the founders of Microsoft Paul Allen, has died of a serious illness. Techno 24 have prepared for you a biography of the programmer, who no doubt made a huge contribution to the development of computer technology.

The childhood and youth of Paul Allen

Born Paul Allen (21 January 1953 in Seattle. His mother, Edna faye Gardner was a teacher, and his father, Kenneth Allen – military, which since 1960 worked as the assistant Director of the library of the University of Washington. Paul’s parents used a soft method of child rearing. The guy learned to read before I went to school and loved the technique. In fourth grade, Paul became seriously addicted to chemistry, and in the sixth – began to study electronics.

After 6th grade, Paul Allen received the most previlegiada school in Seattle – “lakeside”, where the software class met with bill gates. Soon near the house of Allen Computer Center Corporation recruited people for testing computer PDP-10 made by Digital Equipment Corporation. He and his buddies from school spent there free time.

Later, the company Information Service Inc. ordered the Floor and three of his friends (including bill) to develop a program of payroll in the programming language COBOL; instead, they received free time on the PDP-10. His company they named Lakeside Programming Group, but quit and could not.

Пол Аллен: біографія і історія успіху засновника Microsoft
Young Paul Allen and bill gates

Later, when Paul Allen was in College, bill got a job for processing information from the company that is studying traffic flows. To develop the hardware needed a third companion – Paul Gilbert, your Association and reader of road traffic and report traffic engineers they called Traf-O-Data. The name of the gates that formed from the phrase “jack-o’-lantern”, which means lantern-pumpkin. To develop programs for Intel 8008 had to emulate it on a more powerful computer, the IBM 360.

25 Dec 1972, bad of Pembroke, who invited Paul and bill to work on the Information Service Inc., called them to work in the company TRW, where he developed a large software project for Bonneville energy management.

And in 1974, the company MITS announced the production of the first personal computer called Altair. Inseparable friends quickly realized that the creators of the PC got a lot of work on the creation of a convenient programming languages, without which their development would be of little use. In addition, bill and Paul have been preserved by practices from the activity of Traf-O-Data.

Пол Аллен: біографія і історія успіху засновника Microsoft
Longtime friends Paul Allen and bill gates

Assessing the achievements of both developers now, it’s hard to believe that they had to demonstrate considerable tenacity and persistence to convince the MITS of the need to take them to work. But, fortunately, an agreement was reached and work started. Buddies got a full contract, according to which pledged to develop for Altair programming language, and also got own office to be productive.

The Foundation Of The Microsoft

Title Microsoft buddies first used in 1975. The corresponding line was included by them in the source code developed by the interpreter for the BASIC programming language. Allen and gates, whose contribution to computer science cannot be underestimated, have long puzzled over the name of your company, and concise Microsoft in the result seemed to them the best option. The essence of the name is clear: software development for microcomputers.

Gradually to engage in the production of personal computers began more and more brands, and they all turned to Microsoft since bill gates and Paul Allen already had the necessary development. And in 1980, gifted and enterprising programmers have gotten a real popularity, taking the order for the development of the operating system to IBM, bought at a reasonable price operating system Q-DOS from Tim Paterson developer, reworking it in PC-DOS and reaping huge profits.

Пол Аллен: біографія і історія успіху засновника Microsoft
Paul Allen and bill gates founded the company in 1975

In 1983, the Allen, the state of which at that time ended in a significant number of zeros, sold his shares for $ 10 apiece, retaining some of the shares and a seat on the Board of Directors. One of the reasons for such decision was at odds with his old friend, the other – in sickness Allen, against which the programmer has spent about two years.

Dismissal with Microsoft and other activities of Paul Allen

In the memoirs of 2011 Allen shed light on the reason for his departure: he was going to devote his life to Microsoft, gates was fully concentrated on the work and development of the company. At the insistence of gates, the partners have repeatedly revised their stake in the business, and Allen conceded in favor of the gates.

My partner wanted to hog as much as possible and did not let go. With this I could not reconcile Then I thought that at some point I will have to leave
wrote Allen in his book.

After leaving Microsoft, Paul Allen has been engaged in investment, in particular, he has spent more than $ 1 billion to the development of companies such as AOL, Ticketmaster, Egghead Software, and others.

In 2000, it subsidized the creation of the first private suborbital vehicle SpaceShipOne, which withstood two successful civil space launch and thus won the Ansari X Prize. In 2005, he invested money in building a large radio telescope to search for extraterrestrial life, which was named the Allen Telescope Array.

In 2011, Allen became one of the founders of Stratolaunch Systems, which is implementing the project on creation of aerospace systems air launch system for delivering payloads into space. Allen has said it is ready to invest up to $ 200 million.

Пол Аллен: біографія і історія успіху засновника Microsoft
Paul Allen was an avid sports fan

Moreover, Paul Allen was involved in charity work, which spent about $ 2 billion. In 2014, it has allocated $ 100 million to fight the Ebola virus, and two years ago – 30 million to Finance housing for the homeless of Seattle. Note that his fortune, according to Forbes, more than 20 billion USD

Paul Allen was a big fan of sports. He had professional sports teams “Seattle Shocks” of the National football League and “Portland Trail Blazers” of the National basketball Association and was a partial owner of football club “Seattle sounders of the MLS League.

Struggle with the illness and death of Paul Allen

In 1982 Paul Allen was diagnosed with lymphoma Hodgkin’s – cancer of the lymphatic system that is characterized by malignant lymphadenopathy. In the course of treatment of a businessman oprano large doses of radiation, and after that, he underwent a bone marrow transplant. In the end he still managed to defeat the disease.

In 2009, Allen has recorded another type of cancer of the lymphatic system – nehodgkinski lymphoma, from which he recovered after a course of chemotherapy. However, in 2018, a terrible disease came back to Allen and 15 October 2018, following complications of cancer one of the founders of Microsoft has died at the age of 65 years.

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