Paul Piche suffering from a malaise in Saguenay

Singer-songwriter Paul Piché had to leave the scene due to a malaise on Saturday evening at the Chicoutimi Port Zone during his National Day show, as thousands of people were singing with him “There is not much in the sky at night.” He finally came back an hour later in a shower of applause.
“I was dizzy. I think you made me turn my head, “laughed Paul Piché once back, looking a little less fit.

The singer and his four musicians had begun their performance since scarcely three pieces, when Piché was suddenly very weak. He had to lean on the platform that supports the battery, then go backstage. One official said the troupe would come back in five minutes, but it was more than half an hour before the audience had any further news.

“Paul was uncomfortable,” confirmed the director of the Port Zone Fabien Hovington in the Daily, without being able to specify the exact nature of the health problem.

Ambulances came to check the vital signs of the singer to validate the decision to return to the stage or not. “They even shaved the chest,” smiled Paul Piché.

“They arrived quickly. Everything has been done in the state of the art and everyone is in a good mood behind the scenes, “continued Hovington, as the order of the songs was being revised.

Exceptionally, the director admitted that the show could end after the usual cut-off time of 23h, but the musicians did not exceed it for about fifteen minutes. “He could have 10,000 people on the site. We stepped back to the maximum to accommodate them. It’s still a remarkable start to the season. It’s been years that we wanted to have Paul Piché, “says Fabien Hovington.

Le chanteur est réapparu devant la foule vers 22h30.
The singer reappeared in front of the crowd around 22:30.
A nice welcome for his return

The singer reappeared in front of the crowd around 22:30, while his discomfort came one hour earlier.

Paul Piché said he was fine, but he felt a little dizzy. “All is correct, and I know there are paramedics! It may be that I must leave again, so we’ll do a tune or two, then we’ll see. ”

The trainer There is not much in the sky at night could then be heard again, much to the delight of the audience. Sandcastle , Because I love you , Hymn of a spring and The staircase also sounded on the big stage Ubisoft Saguenay – The Daily .

“Thank you for your patience,” said Paul Piché. We’ll finish it with a song that you may know. ”

It only took a few words for the audience to sing unmistakably the first verse of Mon Joe .

A beginning that we will remember

The evening had started well with J’appelle and all the crowd humming the chorus in chorus. Warm applause crowned this first song. The weather was mild and the crowd was swaying quietly to the rhythm of the melodies, then began clapping hands happily for There was not much in the sky at night .

“I have a song here, it can not be. I was talking with my song and since I told her that we were coming to the water’s edge, in Chicoutimi, she did not let me go! Paul Piché launched before singing his Saint-Jean-Baptiste classic.

No doubt the popular song will now have a different meaning for the artist.

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