Pavlensky is at liberty pending trial

Павленский на свободе в ожидании суда

Artist Peter Pavlensky was released from French prison. He will have to report regularly to police pending the trial of the arson of the entrance of the Bank of France. Pavlensky said that refuses the ideas that formed the basis of this performance:

“This is a terrible precedent for the mockery of power over society instead of Bastille — “Banque de France” instead of monarchs, bankers, around thousands of people, lap after lap under the supervision of, every day in the dark. Is it fought Louis Auguste Forms, the Marquis de Sade, Louise Michelle?”

Pavlensky was detained in the prison of Fleury-Merozhis in October. He complained of torture and judicial arbitrariness, in protest, declared a dry hunger strike.

Charged with “destruction of another’s property socially dangerous way” Pavlensky faces a long imprisonment. The artist himself has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t care, condemn it or not.

Video Editing • Andrey Poznyakov

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