Payment of pensions to residents of Donbass: MPs propose new rules

Выплаты пенсий жителям Донбасса: депутаты предлагают новые правила

The payment of pensions to residents of Donbass aims to regulate special law. How and where seniors trapped in the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine will be able to receive his pension?

The protection of social rights of residents not under Kiev’s control of certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (ARDLA) is a large complex of difficult problems. Among them – questions of recognition of legitimate transactions in respect of property and housing, problems of inheritance, as well as the issuance of so-called “LNR” and “DNR”. The majority of these questions is an ongoing debate, but official Kiev took the first step to solving urgent problems of payment of pensions and social assistance.

The problem of payment of pensions to residents of Donbass

November 26, the Verkhovna Rada registered a bill regulating the payment of pensions to persons who reside on the temporarily uncontrolled territories of Kiev. The authors of the bill were 17 deputies, among which representatives of the factions of the “Servant of the people”, “the Opposition platform of Pro – life” and “homeland.”

According to the authors of the document, about 500 thousand pensioners in Donbass are registered as internally displaced persons and needs to obtain Ukrainian pension.

Those who try every two months to attend the state bodies of Ukraine on the Kiev-controlled territory to get pensions, have to wait in queue long hours in ill-equipped checkpoints, where already recorded the deaths of elderly people.

Suggest that the authors of the bill

As reported by one of the authors of the draft law, the Chairman of the parliamentary Subcommittee on the temporarily occupied territories Galina Tretyakova, this document provides for the granting to residents of these areas who could not pay the premiums, right to buy experience without the use of sanctions. And in case of loss of documents – provision to calculate the pension on the basis of information from the register of the insured persons. the Project also provides for the abolition of compulsory registration of pensioners as internally displaced persons (IDPs) to obtain pensions and arrears of pensions instead of limiting this term to three years is established without time limitation.

Tretyakov called the bill “part of the policy of reintegration of Donbass”, but acknowledged that the payment of pensions in cash to the inhabitants of certain regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, carried out directly at their place of residence, it is impossible. She stated that there is no mechanism for the secure delivery of cash to these areas. “The negotiations on the mediation mission of international organizations such as the Red Cross continue, they are not completed,” – said Tretyakov.

However, the MP from the faction “European solidarity” Vladimir Aryev in an interview with DW said that he was categorically opposed to any transfers to territories which are not under the control of Kiev.

The issue price for Ukraine

Unregistered internally displaced persons pensioners in the Donbass, according to preliminary estimates, could be more than 700 thousand. They do not receive proper Ukrainian pension. It is their right, according to the authors of the draft law, especially, should be protected. “People in ORDA receiving these payments, will be the first ambassadors of peace and carry Ukraine in the Donbass,” said another co-author of the bill, MP from the faction “the Opposition platform For life,” Natalia Korolevska.

Meanwhile, social media has inflamed the debate. In particular, critics draw attention to the huge burden on the state budget: if this draft becomes law and will work from 1 January 2020, the pension debt of Ukraine will exceed 85 billion (more than EUR 3 billion). And this is about one-third of the annual defense budget of Ukraine.

The authors of the bill recognize that a one-time payment of this amount is impossible and instead propose the restructuring of the pension debt.

Payment of pensions to residents of Crimea, the new bill ensures, in the same manner as to residents of Donbass. But the representative of the President of Ukraine in the Crimea Anton Korynevych believes that the rule requiring the confirmation of Crimeans of non-receipt of pensions from Russia is discriminatory and should be repealed. He also believes the illegal extradition provision of pensions only one state Bank and reported that it’s now being challenged in court by the Prosecutor’s office.

Ukraine should help the pensioners of Donbass

Now in Ukraine there are about 1 million 400 thousand IDPs – refugees from the Donbass. There used to be much more, but the part was forced to return to ORDO because people did not find the possibility of economic survival in the controlled area, said the activist of the charitable Foundation “Right to protection” Anastasia Odintsova.

According to her, many children pensioners living in the Donbass, live in Ukraine and contain, at its expense, parents are not able to go for pensions. A representative of human rights organization “Donbass SOS” Elena Kushko said that the Ukrainian courts inundated with claims of pensioners on discriminatory restrictions payments Ukrainian pensions and the plaintiffs mostly successfully win these cases against the state.

The initiative of deputies has been approved by international organizations. Noel Calhoun from the office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) in Ukraine during discussions in Parliament on the protection of the social rights of inhabitants of Donbass, recalled that the international law and practice of the European court of human rights requires States to make every possible effort to assist its citizens stranded as a result of military conflicts in non-government controlled territories.

As an example, she cited Moldova, whose government supported the right of children in Transnistria to education in the Moldovan language – funded rental schools for the study of Moldovan language, school buses for children and textbooks.

Выплаты пенсий жителям Донбасса: депутаты предлагают новые правила

Выплаты пенсий жителям Донбасса: депутаты предлагают новые правила

Выплаты пенсий жителям Донбасса: депутаты предлагают новые правила

Выплаты пенсий жителям Донбасса: депутаты предлагают новые правила