PayPal goes out of Russia

PayPal уходит из России

Electronic payment system PayPal July 31, stop payments and transfers within Russia, the company said.

“We will only support international payments: You can use the services of PayPal in regular mode, but only for payments to foreign users of PayPal and to receive payments from international PayPal users”, – stated in the message.

International payment system PayPal, founded as a means to send money via e-mail, operates in more than 200 countries and works with 25 national currencies.

According to the company, in 2014 in Russia there were more than 2 million active PayPal users.

As you know, 4 July in Russia began to act amendments to the law “About national payment system”, which in the case of Bank transfer within Russia, the operator has no right to pass information about them on the territory of another state (including servers outside of Russia).

The Central Bank of Russia started keeping a registry of foreign payment systems in which there was only one operator.