PE: Pegasus airlines Plane landed with the pilot who lost consciousness

ЧП: Самолет авиакомпании Pegasus приземлился с пилотом, который потерял сознание

With the airline Pegasus was an emergency. Boeing, which was flying from Vienna to Istanbul, landed with the pilot who lost consciousness.

It is reported that the commander of the crew “passed out” shortly before landing. This was reported by the newspaper Cumhuriyet.

Journalists report that the co-pilot side turned to the ground, asking to call an ambulance. The second pilot alone landed the plane.

When he landed, fortunately, successfully, the passengers came out, and the first pilot was taken away by “ambulance” to the hospital. It is reported that the patient’s condition is satisfactory.

Earlier in the summer of 2019, a similar incident occurred in the airline Jet2. The plane, which was flying from Manchester, landed at the Port urgently. In the cockpit the pilot lost consciousness.

It turned out that among passengers of the aircraft was the pilot of the Jet2 company. He walked into the cabin, offered to help co-pilot. Then they successfully landed the aircraft.