“Peacemaker” appeal to the NSDC, the security service and Parliament to check the financing Zelensky by the Russian secret services

"Миротворец" обратился в СНБО, СБУ и Раду для проверки финансирования Зеленского спецслужбами РФ

Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine A.V. Turchinov

The Chairman of the security Service of Ukraine Gritsak V. S.

The Chairman of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on issues of national security and defense Sergei Pashinsky V.

Dear Oleksandr Valentynovych!

Dear Vasily Sergeyevich!

Dear Sergey Vladimirovich!

In March 2014, with the aim of providing information assistance to law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, a group of scientists, journalists and experts was created by the Center “Peacemaker”, which is an independent non-governmental organization for the research of signs of crimes against national security of Ukraine, peace and security of mankind and international legal order.

The center “Peacemaker” carries out its activities exclusively in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine, current legislation of Ukraine and international legal acts, ratified by Ukraine.

As of April 2019 the staff of the Center “Peacemaker” own forces fully installed only militants of armed opposition groups, Russian and other foreign mercenaries and Russian military criminals more than 70,000 people. They all took or are directly involved in the annexation and occupation of Crimea, the fighting in the Donbass, killing and torture of citizens of Ukraine.

Also the specialists of the Center “Peacemaker” in 2014, produced a significant amount of documentary materials of a confidential nature of the intelligence services and other institutions of the Russian aggressor, who promptly were transferred in the competence of the State authorities of Ukraine.

In the course of their activities related to the monitoring of communication channels of the representatives of the Russian intelligence services and terrorist organizations, February 25, 2019 Center “Peacemaker” received information that special services of the Russian aggressor and terrorist organization are directly involved in financing the election campaign of the presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

In particular, according to the Center “Peacemaker” correspondence, 25 February 2019, the Russian special services officer Pinchuk, Andrey Yurevich, after consultation with the as yet unknown persons gave a direct indication of the actual owner of the crypto currency exchange “WEX” and the blockbuster NFP Hevchenko Dmitry V. withdraw of cryptocurrency in cash significant amounts of money with the purpose of their further transfer according to the available channels for financing of election campaign of the candidate in Presidents of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

For reference: Pinchuk, Andrey Yurevich, 27.12.1977 G. R., a citizen of the Russian Federation, registered address: g. Moskva, shosse Entuziastov, 52, 64 sq., Colonel of the FSB under cover, until 2014. one of the leaders in the so-called Ministry of state security of the unrecognized Dniester Moldovan Republic, in 2014-2015 – the so-called Deputy Minister of the MGB of the terrorist organization “DNR”.

For reference: Chevchenko Dmitry V., 06.01.1966 G. R., citizen of Ukraine, registered address: g. Simferopol, St. Rostovskaya 19A, Suite 100, action NFP, Callsign “Sailor”, the actual owner of the crypto currency exchange WEX, better known as one of the participants in the transfer of “black boxes” destroyed in 2014 Russian-terrorist groups of the Malaysian Boeing-777 (flight MH17).

Given that these actions of the Russian intelligence services are a threat to National security of Ukraine, we inform You urgent need to take further decisions from the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine, security Service of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Given the public importance received by the Center “Peacemaker” of information, direct financing by the Russian intelligence services campaign V. Zelensky and interference of the aggressor country in the electoral process in Ukraine, submissions received and the circumstances of their getting published on sites: myrotvorets.news and ordilo.org.


The Center “Peacemaker”

On 07 APR 2019