Pediatricians UK warn about the negative consequences of the pandemic on children (video)

Педиатры Великобритании предупреждают о негативных последствиях пандемии для детей (видео)

In the British school you can hear only the sound of rustling grass. Children were not here for several months. The doors of most educational institutions in the country are closed. Attend classes only the children of those who occupy key positions.

The staff of the Royal society of pediatricians warned that quarantine may cause long-term adverse effect on mental and physical health of children. Especially from poor families. They feel a double impact from the pandemic. Such children have fewer opportunities to go online and visit the online lessons. They are also less likely to communicate with friends.

Little Charlotte still can’t understand why it is not allowed on the Playground or to visit her friends.

Preschools in the UK have already opened. However, the girl’s mother while doubts.

As for older children, pediatricians are confident that the school creates conditions for the formation of healthy attitude towards life. Communication with peers develops important skills, such as the development of communication and overcoming difficulties.

Recently, 1,500 paediatricians in the UK have sent the government a joint letter, calling as soon as possible to return children to school. They warn that the current generation may be lost.

188 countries around the world have closed schools. It affected a billion 500 million children. With about 20 countries, schools are either not closed, or has already resumed work. According to statistics, it did not affect the number of cases.

The government