Pension funds and the Central Bank bought a third of the shares of the developer of the game Payday 3

Less than two years ago, the Swedish publisher and game developer Starbreeze was under threat of bankruptcy after a disastrous release Overkill”s Walking Dead. The company was restructured and sold multiple licenses to stay afloat, and then took up the long-awaited game Payday 3. Now she had to sell a significant portion of the shares that are acquired by Swedish pension funds.

What about the sale of the shares

According to the portal, publisher Starbreeze has sold 29% of its assets in the amount of almost $ 6 million to the management company national Bank of Swedbank and the two Swedish pension funds.

In other words, the buyer is almost a state, because pension funds are controlled and financed them.

Almost one-third of the shares sold will provide newcomers to the investors Starbreeze enough votes to influence the company’s plans and its future development.

Starbreeze says that for this reason

The head of the Board of Directors of Starbreeze Torgny Helstrom said that selling shares was a major step in the company’s plans for restructuring.

What is known about the game Payday 3?This is the next part of the adrenaline of the cooperative shooter with the participation of famous robbers Chains, Dallas, Hoxton and Wolf. While the project is only known that they will deal exclusively with the Studio Starbreeze, which bought the rights to the franchise from its publisher 505 Games for $ 30 million. The Payday 3 release is scheduled for 2022-2023 year.

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