Pension queues: the Pension Fund was pleased with the new service

Пенсии без очередей: Пенсионный фонд обрадовал новой услугой

On the portal of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFCs) earned the automatic service pensions. The new service allows retirement without a visit to the Fund.

This was reported by the press office of the Ministry of digital transformation, write vesti.

For a pension online, you must have a qualified electronic signature and scanned copies of the documents. Take advantage of the new Pension Fund any person who is not yet receiving pension payments, but would like to in the future, they were charged automatically.

What is required for the automatic accrual of pensions?

to log in to the portal of the Pension Fund with a qualified electronic signature (of the CEP);

fill the application form on the should pension (passport data, etc.);

after filling the form attach the scanned copies of the documents which confirm the right to a pension (copy of employment record, documents on education or military service, etc.). Copies of documents may also apply in advance in the PFC personally in paper form;

to sign the application and submit it for consideration in the PFC by clicking the button “Generate statement”.

The pension Fund sends the applicant a notification about the automatic calculation of the pension, the commencement date of the payment and its amount.