Pensioners would have helped. Voiced amount of “merged” CBR to save banks

Пенсионерам бы так помогали. Озвучена сумма «слитая» ЦБ РФ на спасение банков

Talked about 1 trillion, and spent 10.

To the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina have big questions. This publication reports REGNUM, stating that her work is extremely dissatisfied with Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. The reason – a huge and unaffordable for the budget of the sums of money drained the Central Bank attempts rescue of the crisis-affected banks.

Only salvation is bursting at the seams Bank “Opening” Nabiullina spent 10 trillion roubles, which came to be extremely helpful in conditions of escalating crisis. However, the most terrible is not even the fact of spending, and numerous suspicions of lies that surround today Nabiullina.

So, according to earlier statements of the Central Bank, on the reorganization of the “Discovery” was planned to allocate slightly more than a trillion rubles, and the entire amount was due back to the Treasury for several years. But, in reality, 1 trillion suddenly turned into 10, and to return the money there is no way. Honestly the recognized head of the “discovery” of Mikhail Zadornov as saying that the Bank will be able to return a maximum of only 30 percent of the amount and leave it on for about 15 years.

Nabiullina, who is rumored to have recently called for talks in the Kremlin, just throws up his hands, trying to blame everything on his former Deputy Vasily Pozdyshev. However, most likely, get away it will not succeed, during a crisis similar frauds, most likely, will not forgive.

Anyway, the figures have caused many Russians to the questions about how appropriate it was to spend so huge funds to support private banks, when the population, and so hardly make ends meet.