Pentagon suspect in the spread of Lyme disease

Пентагон подозревают в распространении боррелиоза

American congressmen suspect the Pentagon to use ticks and other insects as biological weapons. In this regard, the house of representatives plan to hold a series of investigations.

As reported by CNN, in particular, a group of congressmen have sent a request to the Director General of the Pentagon. As noted by Republican Chris Smith, he has information that the Pentagon had long been involved in biological warfare with the use of animals and insects. According to him, the experiments of the Pentagon, in particular, were held in secret facilities located in the States of Maryland and new York.

In his message to Congress urged the Pentagon to publish the data about the experiments which, in the opinion of representatives of the Congress, was conducted from 1950 to 1975. Congressmen interested in the names of customers of these experiments and how many infected insects could escape from laboratories.

Congressional representatives are sure that these insects become carriers of borelioza tick-borne (Lyme disease). According to medical statistics, the number of people infected with boreliosis is growing every year. So, since 2016 the number of US citizens infected with the disease have increased by 17%.

Doctors remind that this disease gives complications that lead to arthritis and problems with the nervous system.