People are able to sympathize with dogs and children

Люди способны сострадать собакам и детям

When the dogs are crying, people are suffering. The study showed that the “whining” people treat animals as close as crying babies. Cats can’t keep up – their sounds are intended only for certain people.

Cats can complain endlessly, but will not be heard. As soon as the dog begins to whine, she won the game – all people’s attention immediately drawn to her, writes Die Welt.

Moreover, her sympathy, perhaps also her desire and will immediately cause people to stop it (dog – approx. edition) suffering treat or a round of ball games.

How much emotional whining dog and meowing cat robs people of strength and emotional energy, researchers found Christine Parsons is a neurologist in the Centre interacting minds at Aarhus University in Denmark.

It creates a database for emotional sounds, for signals passing from psyche to psyche, and actually created the Arsenal sounds about stressful emotional effect.

Parsons to participate in the experiment was invited 560 people (men and women). The experiment consisted in the fact that the audience listened to recordings of crying and determined a person or animal. The participants listened to 15 records, “weeping” of dogs, as many cats, 21 in the recording crying children and 19 adults.

The participants had to evaluate each “pay” on a scale of level of happiness or bitterness. As expected, a victory for “crying” was rated dogs. Their whining, the participants called the most plaintive. Second place was given to the children.

But “crying” cats could call compassion only to those participants who were kept in the house cat.

Parsons stated the fact that dogs are better than cats have learned to manipulate human emotions.