People are in danger? Engineers are taught AI with the help of magnets to think like people

Люди в опасности? Инженеры научили ИИ с помощью магнитов думать, как человек

The developed algorithm allows neural networks to replicate brain function.

Engineers at Purdue University have created a new technology based on magnets. Specialists are going to apply it when you release drones and robots. Using the new algorithm they taught the AI to think like people. Thanks to the technology of neural networks will not only receive information, but to summarize it and to make logical conclusion, resembling the human brain. First and foremost, the AI will calculate how the mental body of people. Testing new technologies carried out on rats and it worked well. The study used magnetic radiation to influence the brain cells of rodents. The results of the experiment were recorded on the computer.

The rapid development of AI will result in both positive and negative ways. The advantages include cheaper production, the automation of monotonous processes, for the timely diagnosis of dangerous diseases. The second that the AI is able to displace a person from many fields and become the leading species on Earth.

Media write, neural networks in China are used to check student work. This will lead to the reduction of teachers. AI has learned to create drawings on the text description, that is, soon it will compete with artists. People are in danger, because in future 60% of professions are fully automatiseret. Scientists project that by 2030, 57 specialties, will simply disappear.

The head of Space X Elon Musk predicts a terrible fate of humanity. It leaves only 10% for the survival of the people. In the opinion of the engineer, due to the uprising of the machines, humanity will perish. The same view was held by the English physicist Steve Hawking. He believed that soon AI will surpass the creators and then people will have difficult. Makes disappointing forecasts and Microsoft founder bill gates. The businessman is convinced that AI will replace human at work, which gives it the meaning of life.