“People are repairing as technique”: Canadian doctors treat diabetes by means of a smartphone

A special application allows you to control the blood sugar level of the patient.

«Людей чинят как технику»: Канадские врачи лечат диабет посредством смартфона

At that time, as in several regions of Russia from time to time fixed by the deficiency of insulin, in Canada, doctors are now practicing remote diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. Dr. Ahmad Haidar from the University of McGill being in Quebec, has developed a gadget that allows you to automatically maintain the necessary level of blood sugar. People here “mend” as a technique – simply, painlessly and efficiently. Canadian doctors treat a common disease through insulin pumps, implanted into the patient and a smartphone with a special app. The doctor can view medical records of a particular person, the system automatically replenishes the insulin concentration in the blood when needed.

It should be noted that the injection is virtually painless and imperceptible. Many diabetics complain that regular injections just drives them crazy. Development Dr. Haidar has solved the problem.

At the same time, experts urge a more cautious attitude to such innovations. Recently it became known that hackers can hack pacemakers known brand and stop the patient’s heart.

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