People better driver: self-driving cars still can not guarantee 100% safety on the roads

Человек водит лучше: беспилотные автомобили все еще не могут гарантировать 100% безопасность на дорогах

Drones can avoid only 34% of all accidents. People still manages better

To such conclusion researchers from the Institute the data on casualties on the roads (IIHS-HLDI) and insurance Institute of road safety. The results of their work published on the website of the IIHS.

Modern Autonomous driving technology is not able to 100% guarantee the safety of passengers. Still, the driver who sits behind the wheel of the drone should be careful to keep hands on the wheel and not take my eyes off the road. The researchers conducted an analysis of all road accidents, and from a sample of 5 000 of the accident, did their classification. It turned out that the car with automatic control, despite the fact that do not suffer from distraction, poor visibility or deterioration of health due to the use of drugs or alcohol, cause 10% of the 5,000 failures.

40% of the total number of accidents associated with wrong decisions, especially those related to speeding or illegal turns, and deliberate actions of drivers. In addition, there is an accident related to the fact that drivers wrongly predict what will make a pedestrian or another vehicle, as well as problems with the mechanical characteristics, such as excessive compensation or improper avoidance.

According to experts from the IIHS, the Autonomous vehicles is not enough to simply perfect perception of the environment, they need to be better drivers, who make decisions based on my experience, that is, to predict the human factor, which is not predictable.