People in the audience raved, – Sergey Pritula about winning Go_A and finalists of the national selection

Leading the National selection for Eurovision 2020 own feedback on music competition repeatedly provoked controversial discussions in the network. This year Sergey Pritula decided to refrain from sharp words, and stood up for the contestants and the winners of group Go_A, which has already be subjected to withering criticism.

The permanent host of the main music event of the year, as nobody knows the “kitchen” of the National selection inside. His comments are one of the most anticipated final of the reviews about the representative of Ukraine in the international arena. Given the lack of resonant scandals, Sergey Prytula generously awarded each of the contenders to win the highest ratings.

Leading the National selection for Eurovision 2020 quite agree with the absolute favorites of judges and audience voting. Group Go-A he called a “dark horse” of the show. The musicians were able to focus on the struggle and surpass the expectations of the public.

To win, Go-A it was necessary to jump above a head. And they jumped… the Band came on stage maximally charged and focused… the Hall started up with the first notes and does not stop until the end of the song. And when it ended, I still could not join with his text, because people in the audience, in the best sense of the word, “raged”,
– said Sergey Prytula.

Not paid attention to the entertainer and Go_A sharp criticism from colleagues in the “shop”, drawing attention to the words of the soloist of the band “Antibody” Taras poplar. The singer accused the representatives of Ukraine in Rotterdam in pseudoarnica and Pro-Russian texts. However, Sergey Pritula noted that the victory Go_A not left indifferent anybody that can testify about the success: “I Think that the problem is “Venus”. Although, if you look good to content, “John” there just in a pretty negative light.”

The failure of Jerry Heil for the final selection of the presenter accused the haters in the network that prevented the performer to reveal their identity at the critical moment. What at first glance an absolute favourite makes its way to the final only 3rd place in the group, provoked a disastrous change in her room. Jerry Heil as a young artist was not able to distinguish constructive criticism from dirt and rudeness, and many fans. which would bring the idol to the leaders, just ruined her hopes of victory.

The result of the weekly digest negative was the radical change of the rooms of the performer in the final, when clearly conceptually, the maximum associated with the message composition, it became absolutely “nothing”. And most importantly – a change of mood with which the JH came on the scene. And merry girl had disappeared. And the spectator could not fail to observe… the Situation with viewers voting in the final once again proved that the multimillion army of fans in YouTube, does not guarantee the same level of support offline,
the host said.

But, according to Sergey Prytula, changes in the performance and the image went in favor of David Axelrod. He became one of the strongest singers of the musical contest, but the path to victory has become too formatted for the contest song: “songs like every Eurovision bring packs. And stand out among the public it would be difficult.”

Speech KHAYAT at the National selection for Eurovision-2020 presenter called much more confident. His defeat caused considerable surprise Sergey Prytula. He suggested that the guy did not have a hit single, which would allow to turn it niche creativity in popular music: “the Image is, the vocals great, music is solid, with charisma, everything is OK”.

His countrymen from Ternopil group TVORCHI Sergey Pritula allocated among the other contestants, because they are innovative for Ukraine, the music was a revelation not only for the presenter. He noted, however, that in the final the boys put a lot less effort to win. Regarding the scandal with the technical troubles showman spoke succinctly: “the Technical services STB has matchability that Inara everything was OK. Tvorci said no. Where is the truth – I have no idea. I only know 100% that they intentionally would be no chopping”. He remembered that his life Jeffrey was problems with the vocals, however, this spectacular performance “will be for the boys a springboard to the higher stages of our showbiz.”

Serhiy Prytula suggested that the greatest success among contestants won KRUTЬ, which despite the defeat, woke up famous after performing in the first semifinal. He noted that for the Bandurist’s important not to lose the immediacy and ease of communication that it has captured the hearts of the audience: “I Hope she’s in “zagashnike” a couple of good songs, because now, after the national selection, it will compel attention to the “plume” of success in the competition you can get into rotation on FM-Kah”.

The presenter also noted how important the national support group Go_A at the international competition in Rotterdam. After all, the Ukrainians “was used in case of a victory, really proud of, and in case of defeat – a very shame”. He noted that it is important to support domestic representative regardless of the outcome of Eurovision 2020 and not to equate unjustified expectations to the level of national shame.