People in Ukraine have become a little angrier – Ukrainian world Boxing champion, who lives in the United States

Bronze medalist of the Olympic games-2012 Ukrainian Middleweight Taras Shelestyuk (17-0, 10 KO’s) after arrival in Ukraine, shared his impressions.

It is worth noting that the boxer has several years of living in Los Angeles (USA).

I would not say that he had noticed positive changes. In Los Angeles more relaxed and positive, there is sun all year round. I had to spend a few days in Ukraine to get used to people. They became, for me, a little angrier.

I think this can be attributed to the situation in the country. I hope it will all evolve for the better. But, first, it depends on the people themselves: to be angry or more good-natured. If people were more liberated, then there would be more communication and trust between them. I think that historically, they say, people should be stronger, not to trust, that you are not cheated. But I think over time this will change
– said Shelestyuk.

In March, Taras Shelestyuk won a landslide victory over Martin angel Martinez. The Ukrainian won in the 8-round fight in Orange, California.

Recently Taras Shelestyuk told about his attitude to the war in the East of Ukraine and the political situation in the country.