“People – the main evil in the Universe”: the Russian Military had contact with aliens Nibiru – UFO

In the 1990s at the site “Vladimirovka” we have made contact with the inhabitants of Planet X, who told the person about my order and predicted the Apocalypse of the Earth, says the theorist.

«Люди – главное зло во Вселенной»: Военные РФ контактировали с пришельцами Нибиру – уфолог

The UFO is not the first began to race in space for UFO. Equipped with advanced technology military long been convinced of the existence of alien races now living among the people. The clearest proof of the presence of Anunnaki from Nibiru on Earth is the interview with the Lieutenant General of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, scientist in the field of military parapsychology Alexey Savin said the enemy of science.

In retirement, former soldier told the masses about the most secret in Russia the site “volodymyrivka”, who in the early 1990s, the place of contact with aliens. The staff put Savin a task to assemble a research team consisting of military, scientists and women. It is the fair sex could most effectively awakened paranormal abilities, leaving the relationship with the aliens. Notably, a particular method of contact with Anunnaki Nibiru does not imply the use of psychotropic drugs, and the work was allowed only “experimental” with minimal risk of hallucinations.

«Люди – главное зло во Вселенной»: Военные РФ контактировали с пришельцами Нибиру – уфолог

As a result, after a few failed attempts, the Russian military were still able to communicate with the aliens of Planet X. Some members of the research team even managed to go on a space ship of members of an alien race. The humanoids told the person about your order, government and health care, but flatly refused to talk about the military industry, quoted Savina ufologist.

“People – the main evil in the Universe. Due to nuclear weapons sooner or later will come the “end of the world”, with disastrous consequences for the outer space”, said the Russian researchers, the aliens from Nibiru.

«Люди – главное зло во Вселенной»: Военные РФ контактировали с пришельцами Нибиру – уфолог

Also, the aliens told how many guests of Planet X in the early 1990s lived on Earth. It turns out that about 20 thousand humanoids mingled among the people, including not only the inhabitants of Nibiru. In the Universe there are many planets teeming with life, seeking to ensure its integrity, and only the Terrans absolutely do not value our “home,” said Lieutenant-General in retirement.

Ufologist do not know, contact with aliens followers Savina, however, the answers to the main questions already received. The aliens want to destroy Earth, as interplanetary war affected not only the Solar system. That is why man was and remains a major threat to the integrity of the Blue ball.

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