People’s knowledge about spirits: how they are taking revenge and when help

Народные знания о духах: как они мстят и когда помогают

The souls of the deceased even after death have a tangible impact on our lives. Many believe their otherworldly protectors and patrons. But not always. Sometimes spirits bring considerable discomfort: scare in the night, and threatened revenge.

Many people there were strange, mysterious events that cannot be explained. People often feel the presence of those who are no longer with them on some special level. Often the souls of the departed are among the living: some of them help and protect their loved ones when they need them, while others find no other choice but to retaliate and intimidate those whose fault they couldn’t get free. Editorial offers to learn how to avenge the spirits and how they help people in everyday life.

5 accept, that the soul of the deceased nearby and wants to help

  1. Random finds, moving things. In this way spirits communicate with the living, let them know that they are near. They can hide things and then toss them in the most unexpected places. If the man and then catches the eye of one and the same object, it is a sign. In this case, you should consider what he wants to say spirit: perhaps he seeks something to warn you.
  2. The song at the right time. Very important tip, though many do not care. If during the day one hears the same song, or some melody keeps popping up in his head, it’s not a normal match. You should pay attention to the words of the song: the dead trying to get them to convey something important.
  3. Random thoughts. A trivial example: the man walking down the street, and he needed to turn right. He just knows it. But he suddenly turns left or continues straight ahead. Such unconscious thoughts and uncontrollable behavior – a clear signal that the soul is close nearby and wants to protect her from danger.
  4. Random people. It so happens that life hits a rough patch, and suddenly appears next to the person who helps to resolve some of the problems. It is not an accident or a fortuitous turn of events. Gone it hurts to look at the problems their loved one, and he sends his help through people like that.
  5. Touch. A similar sign of many causes of fear, but never fear. So the soul of the deceased is trying to show that she misses me, forgive grudges and wish happiness.

Superstitions about evil spirits

The souls of some people do not complete the transition and get stuck on the border of two worlds. Sometimes they hold emotional attachment, loved ones or unfinished business. These spirits are safe, they just want to communicate or need to convey some important information. But sometimes with people inhabited by angry souls who want revenge.

The embittered soul can cause not only energy, but also physical harm. For example, to drop a picture directly at the person, get him to hit or cause injury. But more dangerous is that the evil spirit fills the space with negative energy. The fact that such a soul cannot be cleansed of negativity and go to another world. This causes the spirit to seek out living victims who, being afraid, being nervous and worrying, give him your hand.

Being in a cage of their own resentment, hatred and anger, the soul has no chance to move into a different reality, therefore, it is filled with negativity, always attends those who tortured and abused her in life. If she’s jealous and angry, the family may quarrel for unknown reasons, people may pursue failure and common failure.

Of course, the souls of the dead are more harmful “energy”, so the danger from their machinations to have an accident or suffer greatly minimal. Such manipulations are beyond the power. Nevertheless, resentful spirit can be very annoying.

According to the psychics, soul, stuck in the world of the living because of their mistakes and the wrongs, finds no other way to retaliate against those who hurt her. But there is one way to help the spirit find peace. Ask forgiveness from the deceased for the harm you might cause him: repentance has a powerful positive energy, able to release the restless spirit. And of course please pray for the repose of the soul, helping it to free itself from earthly bonds.