Peppermint essential oil has proved itself as superfunds for hair growth

Эфирное масло мяты проявило себя как суперсредство для роста волос

According to a study published in Toxicology Research, peppermint essential oil can be a very effective way to revitalize the “sleeping” hair follicles and hair growth. It stimulates blood flow in the scalp, and as an activator of hair growth has bypassed the test drug.

As reported hair consist of protein keratin, produced in hair follicles in the outer layer of the skin. Each follicle on your head has a life cycle that can be influenced by age, disease and many other factors – some of them remain in active state less than others. Why, science is not known.

The researchers found that peppermint essential oil can be the superfunds to stimulate the follicle and hair growth. In particular, in tests it was found that the solution of mint oil promotes hair growth more efficiently than it does Minoxidil product for hair growth approved by FDA. According to the co-sponsor, Sarah Panton, peppermint oil stimulates blood circulation in the skin, which may increase its thickness, the number and depth of follicles in it.

Experiment with peppermint oil were placed by scientists on mice. A balding, animals were treated with different solutions, including jojoba oil, Minoxidil and oil of peppermint. As a result showed the most noticeable effects of hair growth. The researchers came to the conclusion that peppermint oil acts as a tool causing the rapid Anlagenbau stage and can be used as a practical tool for hair growth.

It is significant that in another study (published in Microvascular Research) it was found that four percent solution of menthol causes vasodilation, increasing blood flow in the scalp and facilitate hair growth.