Perfect pair: products that are always need to eat together

Идеальная пара: продукты, которые всегда нужно есть вместе

The ability to correctly combine foods in cooking is an art. Properly combining the ingredients, not only can achieve the ideal taste, but to get a healthy dish.

Beef liver and bell pepper

Each of these products are full of vitamins and minerals, and together they form a highly beneficial culinary tandem. The fact that beef liver is a valuable source of iron, and it is almost not absorbed without vitamin A and C, which is so rich bell pepper. Pan-seared liver with sweet juicy peppers in the oven, you’ll have a very tasty diet dish.

Pork and Brussels sprouts

The delicate flavor of the Brussels sprouts go well with pork and helps the meat to better absorb. But the benefits of gastronomic Duo in this. Pork is a valuable source of selenium, an overwhelming development in the body of cancer cells. And Brussels sprouts contain a large amount of organic substance sulforaphane, which increases the antioxidant properties of selenium in as many as 13 times.

Chicken and carrots

The combination of aromatic chicken and baked carrots will not leave indifferent any gourmet. In addition, this Duo is very useful to boost immunity: carrots are rich in vitamin A, which effectively fights infections and viruses, and zinc in the composition of chicken meat helps the vitamin to be better absorbed.

Eggs and broccoli

The combination of eggs and broccoli are very useful for strengthening the skeletal system. Broccoli is a rich source of calcium essential in bone formation. But in order for calcium was in the bone, it needs vitamin D – but it very much in the egg yolks. Recommend often pamper myself for Breakfast a gentle and lush omelette with broccoli, spinach and cheese.

Tuna and lemon

A small amount of lemon juice gives the meat a spicy tuna flavor and pleasant acidity on the palate. And that’s not all: the lemon converts the iron contained in the fish in quickly digestible form, saturating the blood more oxygen. Options cooking the tuna in the oven mass, like steak or juicy meatballs with Thai sauce.

Potatoes and mushrooms

Potatoes and mushrooms – a hearty and delicious culinary Duo, for a reason which became the basis of Russian cuisine. The combination of potato, rich in carbohydrates, and fungi product high in protein, was intended to give the body a lot of heat and energy to survive the harsh cold. The mushrooms and potatoes are low in calories and hence, such a combination may cause the appearance of extra pounds. Delicious recipes with them very much, for example, a casserole of mashed potatoes with mushrooms, which is prepared simply and quickly.

Fish and asparagus

Cooks consider this combination one of the best: asparagus harmoniously emphasizes the taste of fish, without interrupting him, and making the dish more hearty. Such a good tandem and from the point of view of dietetics. Fish helps to maximize absorption of asparagus full of vitamins and minerals, and asparagus speeds up the digestion of fish and prevents the formation of harmful compounds – cleavage products of proteins. For a delicious, easy and healthy dinner suit baked salmon with asparagus. The dish is prepared in just 15-20 minutes.

Carrots and walnuts

Carrots and walnuts are foods with enormous health benefits. And if you have them together, the benefits for the body increases significantly. Carrots are rich in carotene, which prevents aging and improves the appearance of skin, hair and nails. And vitamin E, which abound in walnuts, promotes the best assimilation of carotene and prevents its destruction. Of these products you can cook very tasty and tender carrot cake.