Perovskite solar panels it is now possible to print on an inkjet printer

Перовскитные солнечные панели теперь можно печатать на струйном принтере

Перовскитные солнечные панели теперь можно печатать на струйном принтере

A team of scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have created an efficient method of making perovskite solar panels. New development based on ink-jet printing will provide a fast and large-scale production of panels of the next generation.

Scientists have created a new kind of solar cells with ink jet absorbent layer perovskite. A key feature of this study is to develop an optimized manufacturing process of the ink by vacuum drying, according TechXplore.

Features of the development

The solution provided a high power conversion efficiency solar panels, manufactured using inkjet printing. The effectiveness of items exceeded 20% and this result is sufficient to “block” the capabilities of silicon, but scientists believe that they can achieve better performance in the future.

The process also allowed us to get the best view of crystallization of the perovskite material with large grains of micrometer size.

“Developing quality process of inkjet printing to manufacture solar cells based on perovskite can provide mass production with low cost and open access versions of printed items using digital images,” – said study participant Helge Eggers.

Simply put, the new solar panels can be made in any form and represent any pattern for aesthetic integration on the facades of buildings, public spaces and parks.

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