Personal or rental car – what is more profitable?

Личный или прокатный автомобиль - что выгоднее?

In today’s world, more and more people, especially the young, prefer to rent and not buy. And it’s not just about real estate, but also about the means of transport, including cars. For this reason, recently gaining popularity car sharing and car rental without driver.

Undoubtedly, renting a car is most advisable while traveling to other countries. But as far as it is beneficial and justified, if we are talking about rent in their native country?

Place of residence

If you live out of town and have to travel daily to the office, then the rental is unlikely to be profitable. Because in addition to fuel costs, will have to pay more and the rental machines that collectively may not be feasible.

If you, on the contrary, I live near metro or downtown, to purchase and maintain a personal vehicle will definitely be more expensive than taking a car to rent. Especially if you love Hiking and/or Cycling.

Frequency of use of the car

If you are a freelancer and work at home or for one reason or another are not forced to constantly be on wheels, your own car would be a luxury, and not always justified.

For those who use the car situational or on holidays/weekends, car rental without a driver will be less troublesome and costly than owning your own car.

Advantages of rental cars

  • Rental cars are convenient because they do not demand from you constant visits to the stations and searching for parts. You just go and use a car when you really need it. The only thing we should not forget to fill the car.
  • Another advantage is the fact that you can constantly change cars, depending on needs and desires. For example, once you can take a runabout and sent it to relatives in another city, and another time to rent a premium sedan, SUV or minivan for the whole family.
  • Do not forget the case of force majeure, for example, when your car broke down or, God forbid, got in an accident. In these and other situations, renting a car without a driver will simply manna from heaven, which eliminates the need to travel by public transport or ride on a crazy taxi driver with inadequate.

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Личный или прокатный автомобиль - что выгоднее?

Личный или прокатный автомобиль - что выгоднее?

Личный или прокатный автомобиль - что выгоднее?

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