Peter Verzilova opened a criminal case

На Петра Верзилова завели уголовное дело

In respect of a member of the group Pussy Riot and the publisher of “media zones” Peter Verzilova a criminal case under article “Default of the obligation to serve notice of a foreign citizenship”. He faces a fine up to two hundred thousand roubles or obligatory works for the term up to four hours.

Speech in a criminal case is about canadian citizenship, which has Verzilov, as the country home of his father, and he studied there at the school.

According to Verzilova, the summons for questioning to the Investigative Committee, which will be held the morning of July 7, signed by the investigator for particularly important cases of Rustam Gabdulin, who led the “marsh” and “Moscow” case. And the interrogation will carry out the same investigator who came to Verzilovo with a search warrant June 21, in the case of mass riots during last year’s opposition rallies in Central Moscow.