Petrashko expects changes in monetary policy under the new head of the national Bank

Петрашко ожидает изменения монетарной политики при новом главе Нацбанка

According to the Minister, together with the initiatives of the Cabinet will help start the economy.

The Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Igor Petrashko expects a change in monetary policy the National Bank of Ukraine under the new head of the NBU.

About this Petrashko said during an online conference with representatives of the European Business Association, reports the press service of the Ministry.

“New progressive monetary policy of the NBU in the complex with the government’s stimulus solutions will have a positive impact on economic development. All the prerequisites for the so-called jump start the economy we have”, – quotes the Minister press service.

According to him, incentive-based instruments for the stabilization and growth of Ukraine’s economy are the government’s program for partial unemployment, the project “Big construction”, credit programs and initiatives to support domestic production.

Petrashko also drew attention to strengthening the investment policy in the country.

“We are interested in the world and see the investment opportunities, for example, in the automotive industry, IT (the creation of clusters of innovation), pharmaceuticals, industrial supply chains and other spheres”, – quotes the Minister press service.

On July 3 the Verkhovna Rada supported the proposal of the President to dismiss Smoliy as head of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Acting head of the national Bank before the appointment of the new head will be the first Deputy head of the NBU Ekaterina Rozhkova.

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