Petrenko applied for the position of Chairman of NCSU

Петренко подал документы на должность председателя НСЗУ

Oleg Petrenko, who in November 2019 resigned from the post of Chairman of the National health service of Ukraine reported that the newly filed documents for participation in the competition for the position “to emphasize the absurdity of the requirements and procedures for the quick “selections.

“In advance are invited to participate in the procedure of public monitoring me interview the Minister of health in compliance with “its eligibility requirements,” wrote Petrenko, stressing that the time and place announced.

Petrenko said that the information re the competition there on Friday night, while the filing of documents took only three days, two of which – weekend.

Discriminatory rules, which are formally given the opportunity to participate in “selecting” only people with “experience in public service from 3 years” – that is, officials are “experienced” and “strong business executives”. So it looks like an attempt of raiding the new successful state institutions of NSSU, which has proved its ability to professionally, honestly and transparently to manage a public resource 87 billion (!) UAH for procurement of medical services in the interest of the patient, which contains up and running without exaggeration, a unique team that understands what public good is and how it is really to Serve the people of Ukraine, not to serve another political appointee in the Ministry of health and above and own purse,” wrote Petrenko in Facebook.