Petro Poroshenko: a year after the presidential election, we have to save Ukraine from default

Петр Порошенко: через год после президентских выборов мы вынуждены спасать Украину от дефолта

Exactly a year ago, the first round of the presidential elections, after which the change of power, Ukraine had to rescue from a default. Margin and growth, which was inherent in the economy, ineptly squandered, and the consequences of shiftless management now imposed risks associated with the global pandemic of coronavirus

This was at a briefing in Parliament said the leader of “European Solidarity”, the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

He noted that the faction “European Solidarity” done in this critical situation to substitute power shoulder. That is why the party supported the first reading the law on banks, which is fundamental for the resumption of cooperation with the IMF.

“Today is a big step to take from Ukraine default. In 2014-2015, our team defended the country from default and then gave them a hand in order to prevent default now. The default is the bankruptcy of the state, he has primarily on the poor through the mechanisms of inflation, is when the galloping prices provide a rapid impoverishment of the people. It stops the growth of unemployment, is to give investors in Ukraine, is to prevent the depreciation of the hryvnia against major world currencies, is the protection of the Ukrainian state,” said Poroshenko.

“Despite the fact that “European Solidarity” is the leader of the Ukrainian opposition, we are ready for the pandemic, in terms of the threat to the state to lean on and to protect the state. Today this is the case, today we have demonstrated that our words do not exactly practice what they preach. The road is still long, the work ahead, but we will do everything possible to minimize the consequences of the clumsiness and incompetence of the government team for the Ukrainian people, to Ukraine”, – said Poroshenko.

The leader of “European Solidarity” drew attention to the fact that the situation in the country is very difficult and requires a professional, fast and system solutions.

“548 Ukrainians fell ill with middle East respiratory syndrome. A couple of weeks ago they did not exist. 13 Ukrainians dead. And one more figure – the budget deficit since the beginning of the year is 40 billion UAH. This means that the economy went into a steep dive,” – said Poroshenko.

“Today is exactly a year that marks the first round of the presidential election. Exactly a year ago, Ukraine was growing at 4.5% of GDP. Exactly a year ago was filled with foreign exchange reserves, large balances in the Treasury account. And “new faces” for the year was incredible. Ukraine is in a deep economic crisis, and the war we have waged on three fronts. The first front – back Russian aggression, the second front is the back of the pandemic coronavirus and the third front is to protect the economy, protect the poor, the protection of people who physically does not remain money in order to maintain the quarantine.

And this requires international assistance. Because of the global coalition for five years was created by our team, this year they managed to destroy,” summed up the fifth President.